Too many connections
  • pgl: bits

    most of the rubbish below is years and years old - left here for posterity.

  • ad servers (with accompanying hosts to bind config and hosts2zonefile converters) (alternative URL)
  • free software quickref bias chooser (see the original site for latest version of the table)
  • poetry generator (nobody seems to find this amusing except me)
  • bofh excuse server (doesn't need mysql or perl like that other one)
  • interesting places to telnet to (not exactly a huge list, I know)
  • random google search thing (another thing noone else seems to find amusing)
  • urler (the earl of url)
  • babelfish abuser (retranslations for fun and profit)
  • czech beer counter (why I lived where I lived)
  • odp bits (just little bits)
  • whois interface (because all the others have god damned banner ads everywhere)
  • warning (for all those who are easily offended)
  • bandwidth calculator (more highly unreliable stats for your viewing pleasure)
  • http header viewer: headers sent by server (fun for all the family!)
  • http header viewer: headers sent by the browser (loved by kids of all ages!)
  • arse (a tribute)
  • image → html converter (only works with PNGs and JPEGs)
  • opera stuff (a nice bit of classical software)
  • thelist rss feed (keep up to date with - or not; it's broken)
  • a mirror of the diebold memos (see the Why War? website for background)
  • a copy of the book "Black Box Voting" ("Ballot-Tampering in the 21st Century")
  • World of Warcraft (bits and links)
  • luai (Lua 5.1 reference manual browser)
  • google (stuff)
  • scite (commented + bits)
  • lmth.etruorrosnec/gniobgniob (sdrawkcab ti gnidaer yrt)
  • urlex (extract URLs from arbitrary text)
  • introducing: web 3.0 (it's the future)

    all software everything licensed under the McRae General Public License (version 4.r53)

    meanwhile, in the jungle: