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blocklist last updated: Thu, 18 Apr 2019 13:20:47 GMT
listing ad servers added after: Fri, 30 Apr 1999 00:00:00
format list is displayed in: hosts for mac -- in mac hosts format
total entries: 2969

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# Blocklist for use with a Mac hosts files to block ads
# For more information about this list, see: https://pgl.yoyo.org/adservers/
# ----
# last updated:   Thu, 18 Apr 2019 13:20:47 GMT
# entries:        2969
# format:         machosts (hosts for mac -- in mac hosts format)
# credits:        Peter Lowe - pgl@yoyo.org - https://pgl.yoyo.org/ - https://twitter.com/pgl
# this URL:       http://pgl.yoyo.org/adservers/serverlist.php?hostformat=machosts
# Patreon:        https://patreon.com/blocklist
# other formats:  https://pgl.yoyo.org/adservers/formats.php
# policy:         https://pgl.yoyo.org/adservers/policy.php
# start date:    Fri, 30 Apr 1999 00:00:00
101com.com.	A
101order.com.	A
123found.com.	A
123freeavatars.com.	A
180hits.de.	A
180searchassistant.com.	A
207.net.	A
247media.com.	A
24log.com.	A
24log.de.	A
24pm-affiliation.com.	A
2mdn.net.	A
2o7.net.	A
2znp09oa.com.	A
33across.com.	A
360yield.com.	A
3lift.com.	A
4affiliate.net.	A
4d5.net.	A
4info.com.	A
4jnzhl0d0.com.	A
50websads.com.	A
518ad.com.	A
51yes.com.	A
5mcwl.pw.	A
6ldu6qa.com.	A
777partner.com.	A
77tracking.com.	A
7bpeople.com.	A
7search.com.	A
82o9v830.com.	A
99count.com.	A
a-ads.com.	A
a-counter.kiev.ua.	A
a.aproductmsg.com.	A
a.consumer.net.	A
a.mktw.net.	A
a.sakh.com.	A
a.ucoz.net.	A
a.ucoz.ru.	A
a.xanga.com.	A
a135.wftv.com.	A
aaddzz.com.	A
abacho.net.	A
abackchain.com.	A
abandonedaction.com.	A
abashedangle.com.	A
abc-ads.com.	A
aboardlevel.com.	A
abruptroad.com.	A
absentstream.com.	A
absoluteclickscom.com.	A
absorbingband.com.	A
absurdwater.com.	A
abz.com.	A
ac.rnm.ca.	A
acridtwist.com.	A
actionsplash.com.	A
actualdeals.com.	A
actuallysheep.com.	A
actuallysnake.com.	A
acuityads.com.	A
acuityplatform.com.	A
ad-balancer.at.	A
ad-balancer.net.	A
ad-center.com.	A
ad-delivery.net.	A
ad-pay.de.	A
ad-rotator.com.	A
ad-score.com.	A
ad-server.gulasidorna.se.	A
ad-serverparc.nl.	A
ad-souk.com.	A
ad-space.net.	A
ad-tech.com.	A
ad-up.com.	A
ad.100.tbn.ru.	A
ad.71i.de.	A
ad.a8.net.	A
ad.abcnews.com.	A
ad.abctv.com.	A
ad.aboutwebservices.com.	A
ad.abum.com.	A
ad.admitad.com.	A
ad.allstar.cz.	A
ad.altervista.org.	A
ad.amgdgt.com.	A
ad.anuntis.com.	A
ad.auditude.com.	A
ad.bizo.com.	A
ad.bnmla.com.	A
ad.bondage.com.	A
ad.caradisiac.com.	A
ad.centrum.cz.	A
ad.cgi.cz.	A
ad.choiceradio.com.	A
ad.clix.pt.	A
ad.cooks.com.	A
ad.crwdcntrl.net.	A
ad.digitallook.com.	A
ad.doctissimo.fr.	A
ad.domainfactory.de.	A
ad.eurosport.com.	A
ad.flurry.com.	A
ad.foxnetworks.com.	A
ad.freecity.de.	A
ad.gate24.ch.	A
ad.grafika.cz.	A
ad.hbv.de.	A
ad.hodomobile.com.	A
ad.httpool.com.	A
ad.hyena.cz.	A
ad.iinfo.cz.	A
ad.ilove.ch.	A
ad.infoseek.com.	A
ad.jamba.net.	A
ad.jamster.co.uk.	A
ad.jetsoftware.com.	A
ad.keenspace.com.	A
ad.leadbolt.net.	A
ad.liveinternet.ru.	A
ad.lupa.cz.	A
ad.media-servers.net.	A
ad.mediastorm.hu.	A
ad.mgd.de.	A
ad.musicmatch.com.	A
ad.nachtagenten.de.	A
ad.nozonedata.com.	A
ad.nttnavi.co.jp.	A
ad.nwt.cz.	A
ad.pandora.tv.	A
ad.period-calendar.com.	A
ad.preferances.com.	A
ad.profiwin.de.	A
ad.prv.pl.	A
ad.rambler.ru.	A
ad.reunion.com.	A
ad.sensismediasmart.com.au.	A
ad.seznam.cz.	A
ad.simgames.net.	A
ad.smartclip.net.	A
ad.tbn.ru.	A
ad.technoratimedia.com.	A
ad.thewheelof.com.	A
ad.turn.com.	A
ad.tv2.no.	A
ad.twitchguru.com.	A
ad.usatoday.com.	A
ad.virtual-nights.com.	A
ad.wavu.hu.	A
ad.way.cz.	A
ad.weatherbug.com.	A
ad.wsod.com.	A
ad.wz.cz.	A
ad.xrea.com.	A
ad.yadro.ru.	A
ad.yourmedia.com.	A
ad.zanox.com.	A
ad0.bigmir.net.	A
ad01.mediacorpsingapore.com.	A
ad1.emediate.dk.	A
ad1.emule-project.org.	A
ad1.kde.cz.	A
ad1.pamedia.com.au.	A
ad2.iinfo.cz.	A
ad2.lupa.cz.	A
ad2.xrea.com.	A
ad2flash.com.	A
ad3.iinfo.cz.	A
ad3.pamedia.com.au.	A
ad3.xrea.com.	A
ad4game.com.	A
ad4mat.com.	A
ad4mat.de.	A
ad4mat.net.	A
adaction.de.	A
adadvisor.net.	A
adalliance.io.	A
adap.tv.	A
adapt.tv.	A
adbard.net.	A
adblade.com.	A
adblockanalytics.com.	A
adbooth.net.	A
adbot.com.	A
adbrite.com.	A
adbrn.com.	A
adbroker.de.	A
adbunker.com.	A
adbutler.com.	A
adbuyer.com.	A
adbuyer3.lycos.com.	A
adcash.com.	A
adcast.deviantart.com.	A
adcell.de.	A
adcenter.net.	A
adcentriconline.com.	A
adcept.net.	A
adclick.com.	A
adclient.uimserv.net.	A
adclient1.tucows.com.	A
adcomplete.com.	A
adconion.com.	A
adcontent.gamespy.com.	A
adcycle.com.	A
add.newmedia.cz.	A
addfreestats.com.	A
addme.com.	A
adecn.com.	A
ademails.com.	A
adengage.com.	A
adexchangegate.com.	A
adexchangeprediction.com.	A
adexpose.com.	A
adext.inkclub.com.	A
adf.ly.	A
adfarm.mediaplex.com.	A
adflight.com.	A
adforce.com.	A
adform.com.	A
adform.net.	A
adformdsp.net.	A
adgardener.com.	A
adgoto.com.	A
adhaven.com.	A
adhese.be.	A
adhese.com.	A
adhoc4.net.	A
adimage.guardian.co.uk.	A
adimages.been.com.	A
adimages.carsoup.com.	A
adimages.go.com.	A
adimages.homestore.com.	A
adimages.omroepzeeland.nl.	A
adimages.sanomawsoy.fi.	A
adimg.cnet.com.	A
adimg.com.com.	A
adimg.uimserv.net.	A
adimg1.chosun.com.	A
adimgs.sapo.pt.	A
adimpact.com.	A
adincube.com.	A
adinjector.net.	A
adinterax.com.	A
adisfy.com.	A
adition.com.	A
adition.de.	A
adition.net.	A
adizio.com.	A
adjix.com.	A
adjug.com.	A
adjuggler.com.	A
adjuggler.yourdictionary.com.	A
adjustnetwork.com.	A
adk2.co.	A
adk2.com.	A
adk2ads.tictacti.com.	A
adland.ru.	A
adledge.com.	A
adlegend.com.	A
adlightning.com.	A
adlog.com.com.	A
adloox.com.	A
adlooxtracking.com.	A
adlure.net.	A
adm.fwmrm.net.	A
admagnet.net.	A
admailtiser.com.	A
adman.gr.	A
adman.otenet.gr.	A
admanagement.ch.	A
admanager.btopenworld.com.	A
admanager.carsoup.com.	A
admantx.com.	A
admarketplace.net.	A
admarvel.com.	A
admax.nexage.com.	A
admedia.com.	A
admeld.com.	A
admerize.be.	A
admeta.com.	A
admex.com.	A
adminder.com.	A
adminshop.com.	A
admized.com.	A
admob.com.	A
admonitor.com.	A
admotion.com.ar.	A
adnet.asahi.com.	A
adnet.biz.	A
adnet.de.	A
adnet.ru.	A
adnet.worldreviewer.com.	A
adnetinteractive.com.	A
adnetwork.net.	A
adnetworkperformance.com.	A
adnews.maddog2000.de.	A
adnotch.com.	A
adnxs.com.	A
adocean.pl.	A
adonspot.com.	A
adorigin.com.	A
adotmob.com.	A
adpenguin.biz.	A
adpepper.dk.	A
adpepper.nl.	A
adperium.com.	A
adpia.vn.	A
adplus.co.id.	A
adplxmd.com.	A
adprofile.net.	A
adrazzi.com.	A
adreactor.com.	A
adreclaim.com.	A
adrecover.com.	A
adrecreate.com.	A
adremedy.com.	A
adreporting.com.	A
adres.internet.com.	A
adrevolver.com.	A
adriver.ru.	A
adrolays.de.	A
adrotator.se.	A
adrotic.girlonthenet.com.	A
adrta.com.	A
ads-click.com.	A
ads-trk.vidible.tv.	A
ads-twitter.com.	A
ads.4tube.com.	A
ads.5ci.lt.	A
ads.abovetopsecret.com.	A
ads.aceweb.net.	A
ads.activestate.com.	A
ads.adfox.ru.	A
ads.administrator.de.	A
ads.adshareware.net.	A
ads.adstream.com.ro.	A
ads.adultfriendfinder.com.	A
ads.advance.net.	A
ads.adverline.com.	A
ads.affiliates-spinit.com.	A
ads.affiliates.match.com.	A
ads.allvatar.com.	A
ads.alt.com.	A
ads.amdmb.com.	A
ads.amigos.com.	A
ads.aol.co.uk.	A
ads.apn.co.nz.	A
ads.appsgeyser.com.	A
ads.as4x.tmcs.net.	A
ads.as4x.tmcs.ticketmaster.com.	A
ads.asiafriendfinder.com.	A
ads.ask.com.	A
ads.aspalliance.com.	A
ads.avazu.net.	A
ads.batpmturner.com.	A
ads.belointeractive.com.	A
ads.berlinonline.de.	A
ads.betanews.com.	A
ads.betfair.com.	A
ads.betfair.com.au.	A
ads.bigchurch.com.	A
ads.bigfoot.com.	A
ads.bing.com.	A
ads.bittorrent.com.	A
ads.blog.com.	A
ads.bloomberg.com.	A
ads.bluelithium.com.	A
ads.bluemountain.com.	A
ads.bluesq.com.	A
ads.bonniercorp.com.	A
ads.boylesports.com.	A
ads.brabys.com.	A
ads.brazzers.com.	A
ads.bumq.com.	A
ads.businessweek.com.	A
ads.canalblog.com.	A
ads.canoe.ca.	A
ads.casinocity.com.	A
ads.casumoaffiliates.com.	A
ads.cbc.ca.	A
ads.cc.	A
ads.cc-dt.com.	A
ads.centraliprom.com.	A
ads.channel4.com.	A
ads.clearchannel.com.	A
ads.co.com.	A
ads.colombiaonline.com.	A
ads.com.com.	A
ads.comeon.com.	A
ads.contactmusic.com.	A
ads.contentabc.com.	A
ads.contextweb.com.	A
ads.crakmedia.com.	A
ads.creative-serving.com.	A
ads.creativematch.com.	A
ads.cricbuzz.com.	A
ads.cybersales.cz.	A
ads.dada.it.	A
ads.datingyes.com.	A
ads.dazoot.ro.	A
ads.deltha.hu.	A
ads.dennisnet.co.uk.	A
ads.desmoinesregister.com.	A
ads.detelefoongids.nl.	A
ads.deviantart.com.	A
ads.digital-digest.com.	A
ads.digitalmedianet.com.	A
ads.digitalpoint.com.	A
ads.directionsmag.com.	A
ads.domain.com.	A
ads.domeus.com.	A
ads.eagletribune.com.	A
ads.easy-forex.com.	A
ads.economist.com.	A
ads.edbindex.dk.	A
ads.egrana.com.br.	A
ads.elcarado.com.	A
ads.electrocelt.com.	A
ads.elitetrader.com.	A
ads.emirates.net.ae.	A
ads.epltalk.com.	A
ads.eu.msn.com.	A
ads.exactdrive.com.	A
ads.expat-blog.biz.	A
ads.factorymedia.com.	A
ads.fairfax.com.au.	A
ads.fasttrack-ignite.com.	A
ads.faxo.com.	A
ads.ferianc.com.	A
ads.filmup.com.	A
ads.financialcontent.com.	A
ads.flooble.com.	A
ads.fool.com.	A
ads.footymad.net.	A
ads.forbes.com.	A
ads.forbes.net.	A
ads.forium.de.	A
ads.fortunecity.com.	A
ads.fotosidan.se.	A
ads.foxnetworks.com.	A
ads.freecity.de.	A
ads.friendfinder.com.	A
ads.ft.com.	A
ads.gamecity.net.	A
ads.gamershell.com.	A
ads.gamespyid.com.	A
ads.gamigo.de.	A
ads.gaming-universe.de.	A
ads.gaming1.com.	A
ads.gawker.com.	A
ads.geekswithblogs.net.	A
ads.getlucky.com.	A
ads.glispa.com.	A
ads.gmodules.com.	A
ads.goyk.com.	A
ads.gplusmedia.com.	A
ads.gradfinder.com.	A
ads.grindinggears.com.	A
ads.gsm-exchange.com.	A
ads.gsmexchange.com.	A
ads.guardian.co.uk.	A
ads.guardianunlimited.co.uk.	A
ads.guru3d.com.	A
ads.harpers.org.	A
ads.harvard.edu.	A
ads.hbv.de.	A
ads.hearstmags.com.	A
ads.heartlight.org.	A
ads.heias.com.	A
ads.hollywood.com.	A
ads.horsehero.com.	A
ads.horyzon-media.com.	A
ads.ibest.com.br.	A
ads.ibryte.com.	A
ads.icq.com.	A
ads.ign.com.	A
ads.img.co.za.	A
ads.imgur.com.	A
ads.indiatimes.com.	A
ads.infi.net.	A
ads.internic.co.il.	A
ads.ipowerweb.com.	A
ads.isoftmarketing.com.	A
ads.itv.com.	A
ads.iwon.com.	A
ads.jewishfriendfinder.com.	A
ads.jiwire.com.	A
ads.joaffs.com.	A
ads.jobsite.co.uk.	A
ads.jpost.com.	A
ads.jubii.dk.	A
ads.justhungry.com.	A
ads.kabooaffiliates.com.	A
ads.kaktuz.net.	A
ads.kelbymediagroup.com.	A
ads.kinobox.cz.	A
ads.kinxxx.com.	A
ads.kompass.com.	A
ads.krawall.de.	A
ads.lapalingo.com.	A
ads.larryaffiliates.com.	A
ads.leovegas.com.	A
ads.lesbianpersonals.com.	A
ads.linkedin.com.	A
ads.linuxfoundation.org.	A
ads.livenation.com.	A
ads.lordlucky.com.	A
ads.mariuana.it.	A
ads.massinfra.nl.	A
ads.mcafee.com.	A
ads.mediaodyssey.com.	A
ads.medienhaus.de.	A
ads.mgnetwork.com.	A
ads.miarroba.com.	A
ads.mmania.com.	A
ads.mobilautomaten.com.	A
ads.mobilebet.com.	A
ads.mopub.com.	A
ads.motor-forum.nl.	A
ads.motormedia.nl.	A
ads.msn.com.	A
ads.multimania.lycos.fr.	A
ads.nationalgeographic.com.	A
ads.ncm.com.	A
ads.ndtv1.com.	A
ads.networksolutions.com.	A
ads.newgrounds.com.	A
ads.newmedia.cz.	A
ads.newsint.co.uk.	A
ads.newsquest.co.uk.	A
ads.ninemsn.com.au.	A
ads.nj.com.	A
ads.nola.com.	A
ads.nordichardware.com.	A
ads.nordichardware.se.	A
ads.nwsource.com.	A
ads.nyi.net.	A
ads.nytimes.com.	A
ads.nyx.cz.	A
ads.nzcity.co.nz.	A
ads.o2.pl.	A
ads.oddschecker.com.	A
ads.okcimg.com.	A
ads.ole.com.	A
ads.olivebrandresponse.com.	A
ads.oneplace.com.	A
ads.optusnet.com.au.	A
ads.outpersonals.com.	A
ads.passion.com.	A
ads.pennet.com.	A
ads.phpclasses.org.	A
ads.planet.nl.	A
ads.pni.com.	A
ads.pof.com.	A
ads.powweb.com.	A
ads.primissima.it.	A
ads.printscr.com.	A
ads.prisacom.com.	A
ads.program3.com.	A
ads.programattik.com.	A
ads.psd2html.com.	A
ads.pushplay.com.	A
ads.quasaraffiliates.com.	A
ads.quoka.de.	A
ads.rcs.it.	A
ads.recoletos.es.	A
ads.rediff.com.	A
ads.redlightcenter.com.	A
ads.redtube.com.	A
ads.resoom.de.	A
ads.satyamonline.com.	A
ads.saymedia.com.	A
ads.scifi.com.	A
ads.seniorfriendfinder.com.	A
ads.servebom.com.	A
ads.sexinyourcity.com.	A
ads.shizmoo.com.	A
ads.shopstyle.com.	A
ads.sift.co.uk.	A
ads.silverdisc.co.uk.	A
ads.smartclick.com.	A
ads.socialtheater.com.	A
ads.soft32.com.	A
ads.space.com.	A
ads.sptimes.com.	A
ads.stackoverflow.com.	A
ads.sun.com.	A
ads.suomiautomaatti.com.	A
ads.supplyframe.com.	A
ads.tahono.com.	A
ads.techtv.com.	A
ads.themovienation.com.	A
ads.thestar.com.	A
ads.thrillsaffiliates.com.	A
ads.tmcs.net.	A
ads.toplayaffiliates.com.	A
ads.totallyfreestuff.com.	A
ads.townhall.com.	A
ads.trinitymirror.co.uk.	A
ads.tripod.com.	A
ads.tripod.lycos.co.uk.	A
ads.tripod.lycos.de.	A
ads.tripod.lycos.es.	A
ads.tripod.lycos.it.	A
ads.tripod.lycos.nl.	A
ads.tso.dennisnet.co.uk.	A
ads.twitter.com.	A
ads.uknetguide.co.uk.	A
ads.ultimate-guitar.com.	A
ads.uncrate.com.	A
ads.undertone.com.	A
ads.usatoday.com.	A
ads.verticalresponse.com.	A
ads.vgchartz.com.	A
ads.videosz.com.	A
ads.viksaffiliates.com.	A
ads.virtual-nights.com.	A
ads.vnumedia.com.	A
ads.waps.cn.	A
ads.wapx.cn.	A
ads.watson.ch.	A
ads.weather.ca.	A
ads.web.aol.com.	A
ads.web.cs.com.	A
ads.web.de.	A
ads.webmasterpoint.org.	A
ads.websiteservices.com.	A
ads.whoishostingthis.com.	A
ads.wiezoekje.nl.	A
ads.wikia.nocookie.net.	A
ads.wineenthusiast.com.	A
ads.wwe.biz.	A
ads.xhamster.com.	A
ads.xtra.co.nz.	A
ads.xtribeapp.com.	A
ads.y-0.net.	A
ads.yahoo.com.	A
ads.yap.yahoo.com.	A
ads.yimg.com.	A
ads.yldmgrimg.net.	A
ads.yourfreedvds.com.	A
ads.youtube.com.	A
ads.zdnet.com.	A
ads.ztod.com.	A
ads03.redtube.com.	A
ads1.canoe.ca.	A
ads1.mediacapital.pt.	A
ads1.msn.com.	A
ads1.rne.com.	A
ads1.virtual-nights.com.	A
ads10.speedbit.com.	A
ads180.com.	A
ads2.brazzers.com.	A
ads2.clearchannel.com.	A
ads2.contentabc.com.	A
ads2.gamecity.net.	A
ads2.jubii.dk.	A
ads2.net-communities.co.uk.	A
ads2.oneplace.com.	A
ads2.rne.com.	A
ads2.virtual-nights.com.	A
ads2.xnet.cz.	A
ads2004.treiberupdate.de.	A
ads3.contentabc.com.	A
ads3.gamecity.net.	A
ads3.virtual-nights.com.	A
ads4.clearchannel.com.	A
ads4.gamecity.net.	A
ads4.virtual-nights.com.	A
ads4homes.com.	A
ads5.canoe.ca.	A
ads5.virtual-nights.com.	A
ads6.gamecity.net.	A
ads7.gamecity.net.	A
ads8.com.	A
adsafeprotected.com.	A
adsatt.abc.starwave.com.	A
Adsatt.ABCNews.starwave.com.	A
adsatt.espn.go.com.	A
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