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ad server list last updated: Thu, 23 Mar 2017 10:38:17 GMT
listing ad servers added after: Thu, 30 Mar 2017 00:00:00
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total ad servers listed: 2350

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101com.com	1F
101order.com	1F
123found.com	1F
180hits.de	1F
180searchassistant.com	1F
1x1rank.com	1F
207.net	1F
247media.com	1F
24log.com	1F
24log.de	1F
24pm-affiliation.com	1F
2mdn.net	1F
2o7.net	1F
360yield.com	1F
4affiliate.net	1F
4d5.net	1F
50websads.com	1F
518ad.com	1F
51yes.com	1F
600z.com	1F
777partner.com	1F
77tracking.com	1F
7bpeople.com	1F
7search.com	1F
99count.com	1F
a-ads.com	1F
a-counter.kiev.ua	1F
a.0day.kiev.ua	1F
a.aproductmsg.com	1F
a.collective-media.net	1F
a.consumer.net	1F
a.mktw.net	1F
a.sakh.com	1F
a.ucoz.net	1F
a.ucoz.ru	1F
a.xanga.com	1F
a32.g.a.yimg.com	1F
aaddzz.com	1F
abacho.net	1F
abc-ads.com	1F
absoluteclickscom.com	1F
abz.com	1F
ac.rnm.ca	1F
accounts.pkr.com.invalid	1F
acsseo.com	1F
actionsplash.com	1F
actualdeals.com	1F
acuityads.com	1F
ad-balancer.at	1F
ad-balancer.net	1F
ad-center.com	1F
ad-images.suntimes.com	1F
ad-pay.de	1F
ad-rotator.com	1F
ad-server.gulasidorna.se	1F
ad-serverparc.nl	1F
ad-souk.com	1F
ad-space.net	1F
ad-tech.com	1F
ad-up.com	1F
ad.100.tbn.ru	1F
ad.71i.de	1F
ad.a8.net	1F
ad.abcnews.com	1F
ad.abctv.com	1F
ad.aboutwebservices.com	1F
ad.abum.com	1F
ad.afy11.net	1F
ad.allstar.cz	1F
ad.altervista.org	1F
ad.amgdgt.com	1F
ad.anuntis.com	1F
ad.auditude.com	1F
ad.bizo.com	1F
ad.bnmla.com	1F
ad.bondage.com	1F
ad.caradisiac.com	1F
ad.centrum.cz	1F
ad.cgi.cz	1F
ad.choiceradio.com	1F
ad.clix.pt	1F
ad.cooks.com	1F
ad.crwdcntrl.net	1F
ad.digitallook.com	1F
ad.directrev.com	1F
ad.doctissimo.fr	1F
ad.domainfactory.de	1F
ad.e-kolay.net	1F
ad.eurosport.com	1F
ad.f1cd.ru	1F
ad.flurry.com	1F
ad.foxnetworks.com	1F
ad.freecity.de	1F
ad.gate24.ch	1F
ad.globe7.com	1F
ad.grafika.cz	1F
ad.hbv.de	1F
ad.hodomobile.com	1F
ad.httpool.com	1F
ad.hyena.cz	1F
ad.iinfo.cz	1F
ad.ilove.ch	1F
ad.infoseek.com	1F
ad.jamba.net	1F
ad.jamster.co.uk	1F
ad.jetsoftware.com	1F
ad.keenspace.com	1F
ad.leadbolt.net	1F
ad.liveinternet.ru	1F
ad.lupa.cz	1F
ad.m5prod.net	1F
ad.media-servers.net	1F
ad.mediastorm.hu	1F
ad.mgd.de	1F
ad.musicmatch.com	1F
ad.nachtagenten.de	1F
ad.nozonedata.com	1F
ad.nttnavi.co.jp	1F
ad.nwt.cz	1F
ad.onad.eu	1F
ad.pandora.tv	1F
ad.preferances.com	1F
ad.profiwin.de	1F
ad.prv.pl	1F
ad.rambler.ru	1F
ad.reunion.com	1F
ad.scanmedios.com	1F
ad.sensismediasmart.com.au	1F
ad.seznam.cz	1F
ad.simgames.net	1F
ad.slutload.com	1F
ad.smartclip.net	1F
ad.tbn.ru	1F
ad.technoratimedia.com	1F
ad.thewheelof.com	1F
ad.turn.com	1F
ad.tv2.no	1F
ad.twitchguru.com	1F
ad.usatoday.com	1F
ad.virtual-nights.com	1F
ad.watch.impress.co.jp	1F
ad.wavu.hu	1F
ad.way.cz	1F
ad.weatherbug.com	1F
ad.wsod.com	1F
ad.wz.cz	1F
ad.yadro.ru	1F
ad.yourmedia.com	1F
ad.zanox.com	1F
ad0.bigmir.net	1F
ad01.mediacorpsingapore.com	1F
ad1.emediate.dk	1F
ad1.emule-project.org	1F
ad1.kde.cz	1F
ad1.pamedia.com.au	1F
ad2.iinfo.cz	1F
ad2.ip.ro	1F
ad2.linxcz.cz	1F
ad2.lupa.cz	1F
ad2flash.com	1F
ad2games.com	1F
ad3.iinfo.cz	1F
ad3.pamedia.com.au	1F
ad4game.com	1F
adaction.de	1F
adadvisor.net	1F
adap.tv	1F
adapt.tv	1F
adbanner.ro	1F
adbard.net	1F
adbers.com	1F
adblade.com	1F
adblockanalytics.com	1F
adboost.de.vu	1F
adboost.net	1F
adbooth.net	1F
adbot.com	1F
adbrite.com	1F
adbroker.de	1F
adbunker.com	1F
adbutler.com	1F
adbutler.de	1F
adbuyer.com	1F
adbuyer3.lycos.com	1F
adcash.com	1F
adcast.deviantart.com	1F
adcell.de	1F
adcenter.mdf.se	1F
adcenter.net	1F
adcentriconline.com	1F
adcept.net	1F
adclick.com	1F
adclient.uimserv.net	1F
adclient1.tucows.com	1F
adcomplete.com	1F
adconion.com	1F
adcontent.gamespy.com	1F
adcycle.com	1F
add.newmedia.cz	1F
addealing.com	1F
addfreestats.com	1F
addme.com	1F
adecn.com	1F
ademails.com	1F
adengage.com	1F
adexpose.com	1F
adext.inkclub.com	1F
adf.ly	1F
adfactor.nl	1F
adfarm.mediaplex.com	1F
adflight.com	1F
adforce.com	1F
adform.com	1F
adgardener.com	1F
adgoto.com	1F
adgridwork.com	1F
adhese.be	1F
adhese.com	1F
adimage.asiaone.com.sg	1F
adimage.guardian.co.uk	1F
adimages.been.com	1F
adimages.carsoup.com	1F
adimages.go.com	1F
adimages.homestore.com	1F
adimages.omroepzeeland.nl	1F
adimages.sanomawsoy.fi	1F
adimg.cnet.com	1F
adimg.com.com	1F
adimg.uimserv.net	1F
adimg1.chosun.com	1F
adimgs.sapo.pt	1F
adimpact.com	1F
adinjector.net	1F
adinterax.com	1F
adisfy.com	1F
adition.com	1F
adition.de	1F
adition.net	1F
adizio.com	1F
adjix.com	1F
adjug.com	1F
adjuggler.com	1F
adjuggler.yourdictionary.com	1F
adjustnetwork.com	1F
adk2.com	1F
adk2ads.tictacti.com	1F
adland.ru	1F
adlantic.nl	1F
adledge.com	1F
adlegend.com	1F
adlog.com.com	1F
adloox.com	1F
adlooxtracking.com	1F
adlure.net	1F
admagnet.net	1F
admailtiser.com	1F
adman.gr	1F
adman.in.gr	1F
adman.otenet.gr	1F
admanagement.ch	1F
admanager.btopenworld.com	1F
admanager.carsoup.com	1F
admarketplace.net	1F
admarvel.com	1F
admax.nexage.com	1F
admedia.com	1F
admedia.ro	1F
admeld.com	1F
admerize.be	1F
admeta.com	1F
admex.com	1F
adminder.com	1F
adminshop.com	1F
admized.com	1F
admob.com	1F
admonitor.com	1F
admotion.com.ar	1F
adnet-media.net	1F
adnet.asahi.com	1F
adnet.biz	1F
adnet.de	1F
adnet.ru	1F
adnet.worldreviewer.com	1F
adnetinteractive.com	1F
adnetwork.net	1F
adnetworkperformance.com	1F
adnews.maddog2000.de	1F
adnotch.com	1F
adnxs.com	1F
adocean.pl	1F
adonspot.com	1F
adoperator.com	1F
adorigin.com	1F
adpepper.dk	1F
adpepper.nl	1F
adperium.com	1F
adpia.vn	1F
adplus.co.id	1F
adplxmd.com	1F
adprofile.net	1F
adprojekt.pl	1F
adq.nextag.com	1F
adrazzi.com	1F
adreactor.com	1F
adrecreate.com	1F
adremedy.com	1F
adreporting.com	1F
adres.internet.com	1F
adrevolver.com	1F
adriver.ru	1F
adrolays.de	1F
adrotate.de	1F
adrotator.se	1F
adrta.com	1F
ads-click.com	1F
ads.4tube.com	1F
ads.5ci.lt	1F
ads.abovetopsecret.com	1F
ads.aceweb.net	1F
ads.activestate.com	1F
ads.adfox.ru	1F
ads.administrator.de	1F
ads.adshareware.net	1F
ads.adultfriendfinder.com	1F
ads.adultswim.com	1F
ads.advance.net	1F
ads.adverline.com	1F
ads.affiliates.match.com	1F
ads.ak.facebook.com.edgesuite.net	1F
ads.allvatar.com	1F
ads.alt.com	1F
ads.amdmb.com	1F
ads.amigos.com	1F
ads.aol.co.uk	1F
ads.aol.com	1F
ads.apn.co.nz	1F
ads.appsgeyser.com	1F
ads.as4x.tmcs.net	1F
ads.as4x.tmcs.ticketmaster.com	1F
ads.asia1.com.sg	1F
ads.asiafriendfinder.com	1F
ads.ask.com	1F
ads.aspalliance.com	1F
ads.avazu.net	1F
ads.batpmturner.com	1F
ads.beenetworks.net	1F
ads.belointeractive.com	1F
ads.berlinonline.de	1F
ads.betanews.com	1F
ads.betfair.com	1F
ads.betfair.com.au	1F
ads.bigchurch.com	1F
ads.bigfoot.com	1F
ads.bing.com	1F
ads.bittorrent.com	1F
ads.blog.com	1F
ads.bloomberg.com	1F
ads.bluelithium.com	1F
ads.bluemountain.com	1F
ads.bluesq.com	1F
ads.bonniercorp.com	1F
ads.boylesports.com	1F
ads.brabys.com	1F
ads.brazzers.com	1F
ads.bumq.com	1F
ads.businessweek.com	1F
ads.canalblog.com	1F
ads.canoe.ca	1F
ads.casinocity.com	1F
ads.cbc.ca	1F
ads.cc	1F
ads.cc-dt.com	1F
ads.centraliprom.com	1F
ads.cgnetworks.com	1F
ads.channel4.com	1F
ads.clearchannel.com	1F
ads.co.com	1F
ads.com.com	1F
ads.contactmusic.com	1F
ads.contentabc.com	1F
ads.contextweb.com	1F
ads.crakmedia.com	1F
ads.creative-serving.com	1F
ads.creativematch.com	1F
ads.cricbuzz.com	1F
ads.cybersales.cz	1F
ads.dada.it	1F
ads.datinggold.com	1F
ads.datingyes.com	1F
ads.dazoot.ro	1F
ads.deltha.hu	1F
ads.dennisnet.co.uk	1F
ads.desmoinesregister.com	1F
ads.detelefoongids.nl	1F
ads.deviantart.com	1F
ads.digital-digest.com	1F
ads.digitalmedianet.com	1F
ads.digitalpoint.com	1F
ads.directionsmag.com	1F
ads.domeus.com	1F
ads.eagletribune.com	1F
ads.easy-forex.com	1F
ads.eatinparis.com	1F
ads.economist.com	1F
ads.edbindex.dk	1F
ads.egrana.com.br	1F
ads.einmedia.com	1F
ads.electrocelt.com	1F
ads.elitetrader.com	1F
ads.emirates.net.ae	1F
ads.epltalk.com	1F
ads.eu.msn.com	1F
ads.exactdrive.com	1F
ads.expat-blog.biz	1F
ads.expedia.com	1F
ads.ezboard.com	1F
ads.factorymedia.com	1F
ads.fairfax.com.au	1F
ads.faxo.com	1F
ads.ferianc.com	1F
ads.filmup.com	1F
ads.financialcontent.com	1F
ads.flooble.com	1F
ads.fool.com	1F
ads.footymad.net	1F
ads.forbes.com	1F
ads.forbes.net	1F
ads.forium.de	1F
ads.fortunecity.com	1F
ads.fotosidan.se	1F
ads.foxkidseurope.net	1F
ads.foxnetworks.com	1F
ads.foxnews.com	1F
ads.freecity.de	1F
ads.friendfinder.com	1F
ads.ft.com	1F
ads.futurenet.com	1F
ads.gamecity.net	1F
ads.gamershell.com	1F
ads.gamespyid.com	1F
ads.gamigo.de	1F
ads.gaming-universe.de	1F
ads.gawker.com	1F
ads.geekswithblogs.net	1F
ads.glispa.com	1F
ads.gmodules.com	1F
ads.godlikeproductions.com	1F
ads.goyk.com	1F
ads.gplusmedia.com	1F
ads.gradfinder.com	1F
ads.grindinggears.com	1F
ads.groundspeak.com	1F
ads.gsm-exchange.com	1F
ads.gsmexchange.com	1F
ads.guardian.co.uk	1F
ads.guardianunlimited.co.uk	1F
ads.guru3d.com	1F
ads.hardwaresecrets.com	1F
ads.harpers.org	1F
ads.hbv.de	1F
ads.hearstmags.com	1F
ads.heartlight.org	1F
ads.heias.com	1F
ads.hideyourarms.com	1F
ads.hollywood.com	1F
ads.horsehero.com	1F
ads.horyzon-media.com	1F
ads.iafrica.com	1F
ads.ibest.com.br	1F
ads.ibryte.com	1F
ads.icq.com	1F
ads.ign.com	1F
ads.img.co.za	1F
ads.imgur.com	1F
ads.indiatimes.com	1F
ads.infi.net	1F
ads.internic.co.il	1F
ads.ipowerweb.com	1F
ads.isoftmarketing.com	1F
ads.itv.com	1F
ads.iwon.com	1F
ads.jewishfriendfinder.com	1F
ads.jiwire.com	1F
ads.jobsite.co.uk	1F
ads.jpost.com	1F
ads.jubii.dk	1F
ads.justhungry.com	1F
ads.kaktuz.net	1F
ads.kelbymediagroup.com	1F
ads.kinobox.cz	1F
ads.kinxxx.com	1F
ads.kompass.com	1F
ads.krawall.de	1F
ads.lesbianpersonals.com	1F
ads.linuxfoundation.org	1F
ads.linuxjournal.com	1F
ads.linuxsecurity.com	1F
ads.livenation.com	1F
ads.mariuana.it	1F
ads.massinfra.nl	1F
ads.mcafee.com	1F
ads.mediaodyssey.com	1F
ads.mediaturf.net	1F
ads.medienhaus.de	1F
ads.mgnetwork.com	1F
ads.mmania.com	1F
ads.moceanads.com	1F
ads.motor-forum.nl	1F
ads.motormedia.nl	1F
ads.msn.com	1F
ads.multimania.lycos.fr	1F
ads.nationalgeographic.com	1F
ads.ncm.com	1F
ads.netclusive.de	1F
ads.netmechanic.com	1F
ads.networksolutions.com	1F
ads.newdream.net	1F
ads.newgrounds.com	1F
ads.newmedia.cz	1F
ads.newsint.co.uk	1F
ads.newsquest.co.uk	1F
ads.ninemsn.com.au	1F
ads.nj.com	1F
ads.nola.com	1F
ads.nordichardware.com	1F
ads.nordichardware.se	1F
ads.nwsource.com	1F
ads.nyi.net	1F
ads.nytimes.com	1F
ads.nyx.cz	1F
ads.nzcity.co.nz	1F
ads.o2.pl	1F
ads.oddschecker.com	1F
ads.okcimg.com	1F
ads.ole.com	1F
ads.olivebrandresponse.com	1F
ads.oneplace.com	1F
ads.ookla.com	1F
ads.optusnet.com.au	1F
ads.outpersonals.com	1F
ads.passion.com	1F
ads.pennet.com	1F
ads.penny-arcade.com	1F
ads.pheedo.com	1F
ads.phpclasses.org	1F
ads.pickmeup-ltd.com	1F
ads.planet.nl	1F
ads.pni.com	1F
ads.pof.com	1F
ads.powweb.com	1F
ads.primissima.it	1F
ads.printscr.com	1F
ads.prisacom.com	1F
ads.program3.com	1F
ads.psd2html.com	1F
ads.pushplay.com	1F
ads.quoka.de	1F
ads.rcs.it	1F
ads.recoletos.es	1F
ads.rediff.com	1F
ads.redlightcenter.com	1F
ads.redtube.com	1F
ads.resoom.de	1F
ads.returnpath.net	1F
ads.rpgdot.com	1F
ads.s3.sitepoint.com	1F
ads.satyamonline.com	1F
ads.savannahnow.com	1F
ads.saymedia.com	1F
ads.scifi.com	1F
ads.seniorfriendfinder.com	1F
ads.servebom.com	1F
ads.sexinyourcity.com	1F
ads.shizmoo.com	1F
ads.shopstyle.com	1F
ads.sift.co.uk	1F
ads.silverdisc.co.uk	1F
ads.slim.com	1F
ads.smartclick.com	1F
ads.soft32.com	1F
ads.space.com	1F
ads.sptimes.com	1F
ads.stackoverflow.com	1F
ads.stationplay.com	1F
ads.sun.com	1F
ads.supplyframe.com	1F
ads.t-online.de	1F
ads.tahono.com	1F
ads.techtv.com	1F
ads.telegraph.co.uk	1F
ads.themovienation.com	1F
ads.thestar.com	1F
ads.timeout.com	1F
ads.tmcs.net	1F
ads.totallyfreestuff.com	1F
ads.townhall.com	1F
ads.trinitymirror.co.uk	1F
ads.tripod.com	1F
ads.tripod.lycos.co.uk	1F
ads.tripod.lycos.de	1F
ads.tripod.lycos.es	1F
ads.tripod.lycos.it	1F
ads.tripod.lycos.nl	1F
ads.tripod.spray.se	1F
ads.tso.dennisnet.co.uk	1F
ads.uknetguide.co.uk	1F
ads.ultimate-guitar.com	1F
ads.uncrate.com	1F
ads.undertone.com	1F
ads.usatoday.com	1F
ads.v3.com	1F
ads.verticalresponse.com	1F
ads.vgchartz.com	1F
ads.videosz.com	1F
ads.virtual-nights.com	1F
ads.virtualcountries.com	1F
ads.vnumedia.com	1F
ads.waps.cn	1F
ads.wapx.cn	1F
ads.weather.ca	1F
ads.web.aol.com	1F
ads.web.cs.com	1F
ads.web.de	1F
ads.webmasterpoint.org	1F
ads.websiteservices.com	1F
ads.whi.co.nz	1F
ads.whoishostingthis.com	1F
ads.wiezoekje.nl	1F
ads.wikia.nocookie.net	1F
ads.wineenthusiast.com	1F
ads.wwe.biz	1F
ads.xhamster.com	1F
ads.xtra.co.nz	1F
ads.y-0.net	1F
ads.yahoo.com	1F
ads.yimg.com	1F
ads.yldmgrimg.net	1F
ads.yourfreedvds.com	1F
ads.youtube.com	1F
ads.zdnet.com	1F
ads.ztod.com	1F
ads03.redtube.com	1F
ads1.canoe.ca	1F
ads1.mediacapital.pt	1F
ads1.msn.com	1F
ads1.rne.com	1F
ads1.virtual-nights.com	1F
ads10.speedbit.com	1F
ads180.com	1F
ads2.brazzers.com	1F
ads2.clearchannel.com	1F
ads2.contentabc.com	1F
ads2.gamecity.net	1F
ads2.jubii.dk	1F
ads2.net-communities.co.uk	1F
ads2.oneplace.com	1F
ads2.rne.com	1F
ads2.virtual-nights.com	1F
ads2.xnet.cz	1F
ads2004.treiberupdate.de	1F
ads3.contentabc.com	1F
ads3.gamecity.net	1F
ads3.virtual-nights.com	1F
ads4.clearchannel.com	1F
ads4.gamecity.net	1F
ads4.virtual-nights.com	1F
ads4homes.com	1F
ads5.canoe.ca	1F
ads5.virtual-nights.com	1F
ads6.gamecity.net	1F
ads7.gamecity.net	1F
ads8.com	1F
adsatt.abc.starwave.com	1F
Adsatt.ABCNews.starwave.com	1F
adsatt.espn.go.com	1F
adsatt.espn.starwave.com	1F
Adsatt.go.starwave.com	1F
adsby.bidtheatre.com	1F
adscale.de	1F
adscholar.com	1F
adscience.nl	1F
adscpm.com	1F
adsdaq.com	1F
adsdk.com	1F
adsend.de	1F
adserv.evo-x.de	1F
adserv.gamezone.de	1F
adserv.iafrica.com	1F
adserv.qconline.com	1F
adserve.ams.rhythmxchange.com	1F
adserver-live.yoc.mobi	1F
adserver.43plc.com	1F
adserver.71i.de	1F
adserver.adultfriendfinder.com	1F
adserver.aidameter.com	1F
adserver.aol.fr	1F
adserver.beggarspromo.com	1F
adserver.betandwin.de	1F
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