LTArt.NL backstage interview: Evelina Kvartūnaitė

2011-11-25 Fri – 14:35:11

Tomorrow – Saturday 26th November – I will be attending LTArt.NL, an event showcasing Lithuanian artists living in the Netherlands. One of the organisers, Evelina Kvartūnaitė, has been regularly posting “backstage interviews” with various artists and performers who will be at the event. I thought it was about time we got to see another side, so sent over a few questions of my own to Evelina.

Ladies and gentlemen, I present to you: Backstage interviews: Evelina Kvartūnaitė.

When did you arrive in the Netherlands, and how long have you been here?Evelina Kvartūnaitė

I arrived to the Netherlands around three years ago. That would make it in the end of 2008.

What brought you to the Netherlands?

I came here in the search for new and undiscovered things in my life and a bit of a challenge. More practically – with an offer for a new job.

What’s your role in LTArt.NL?

I am part of the organisational team. I was appointed to work more with the PR and the evening programme however we try to work together and support each other.

What events led up to you being part of an art event for your home country?

I simply was offered to join the team. All the years I was not living in Lithuania I was working on very international projects with very multicultural teams therefore I found it to be a nice and interesting challenge to try and work with more Lithuanian people as much as Dutch.

How long have you been planning the event?

It was a very quick and intensive process as we only had few months to put everything together.

Is there anything in particular you’re looking forward to seeing?

I am very excited about the whole event as its been really beautiful to work with the team – a lot of ideas and synergy. I am very grateful to everyone who made it happen so its going to be super special to watch the day unfold.

Have you already started planning for next year?

We do make notes about the next years project and according to how it goes this year we will try to make it even better!

What other projects are you involved in?

I work with many ideas and a lot of inspiring people. Life is magic that way!

Lastly, what’s some advice for life you’d like to give everyone?

Remember that minds are like parachutes – function best when open and behave happy! :)

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