2008-07-09 Wed – 09:36:07

So, I never really thought I’d actually end up attempting a weblog of my own, but, there you go – or here I go. I try to avoid things that have a very large statistical likelihood of failing; and maintaining a weblog is without question something which has shown a propensity for people not to do that verges on being a physical property of the universe.

However, as many before me, I have ignored my own best interests in order to satisfy those narcissistic tendencies (my real own best interests) that urge me (and apparently a large percentage of the rest of the world (who are arranged in some sort of sphere, it seems)) to tell everyone else (that’s right, everyone) what’s on my mind: resulting in this – this thing, here, with me, and you. Hello.

Warning: I will attempt to be amusing, and interesting, something which almost guarantees that my webloggery will annoy you. This is not an apology, just, an excuse I can use to myself after I’ve irritated you.

OK, right, now where is my checklist? Right – doing well so far, I can tick off self-absorbed posting, spending too long fucking around with WordPress, and – ah – I’m right on schedule to fill up some area or roll type section with links to people I’ve know. Then I think fairly soon I’ll be ready to post about anything that over 90% of all weblogs have already posted about, followed perhaps by some short notes about work that mean nothing to anyone except myself, at which point I can take a break for a few months until I’m up for the apology for not posting much recently. Excellent. This is going to be fun.

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