Inconsolata Cleartype: Raph Levien’s Inconsolota font, hinted for Windows

2008-09-25 Thu – 21:30:09

Woo! I love Inconsolata (see also Raph Levien’s main page) – so much so that I’ve even recommended (on the About page (which I know you haven’t read)) downloading it as I’ve set it for the default monospace font on this site.

One problem it’s always had, though, is that it looks pants with at low points subpixel rendering (aka Cleartype) turned on. Hooray! thought I, when I came across this page:

Thank you, xiy, or Mark, or whoever you are! You have made the world a better place.

Update 2009-04-27: the site seems to be down; for prosperity, here’s a copy of the font (I hope I’m not breaking any copyright here!):

Update 2010-12-22: Codeur kindly notes in the comments that a better version has been uploaded to the Google font directory by David Crossland:

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  2. Arg! That link is broken. That is exactly what I need. Do you by any chance still have a copy you might send me?



    By Eric on Apr 24, 2009

  3. Eric: I’ve uploaded a copy of the modified version. Enjoy!

    By pgl on Apr 27, 2009

  4. Hello!
    Are you sure you uploaded the right font file? I can’t see any difference in hinting when comparing with the original font…


    By Pedro on May 21, 2009

  5. Pretty sure!

    By pgl on May 24, 2009

  6. Just wanted to say that I’ve found my mistake: I was previewing the modified font (by double-clicking on the file) while having the original version still installed.

    Thanks anyway for your response! :)

    By Pedro on Jun 2, 2009

  7. Hey, nice. Running on W7 with cleartype turned on etc (and with the wizard run a few times). Inconsolat-modified looks great, but only on odd-number font sized. Go figure.

    By Peter Evans on Mar 2, 2010

  8. Hey, I just came across this while I was looking to see if anyone had saved a copy actually. The site I was hosting it on unfortunately got blitzed and I lost my copies after my PC went kaput, so I’m a little bit overjoyed you managed to save it, thanks!

    As for copyright, I’m completely fine with you sharing it, and Raph’s license is the Open Font License, which is essentially a GPL license for fonts. So as long as he continues to be credited for his work (it should be in the credits header in the font previewer), then it’s fine.

    Again, thanks for rescuing it. It turned out better than I thought but it definitely needs more work!

    By xiy on Apr 19, 2010

  9. Many thanks to xiy and pgl.

    By gyh on May 9, 2010

  10. xiy’s version looks way better on Mac, too.

    By Sumeet Agarwal on Sep 7, 2010

  11. Is there something wrong with bold?

    By Vorlath on Sep 27, 2010

  12. Dave Crossland just uploaded a hinted Inconsolata to the Google Font Repository:

    This new hinted version looks excellent to me in Windows with Cleartype at all sizes. The hinting problems with bold and odd sizes of xiy’s version are gone. I am VERY happy!

    By Codeur on Dec 22, 2010

  13. Codeur: that’s brilliant! Thanks for the tip.

    By pgl on Dec 22, 2010

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