Nokia, Thunderbird, syncing, and mental anguish

2008-07-10 Thu – 02:10:07

From the Nokia forums (and approx. 2bn other places around the web where people are asking the same question):

“Does any one know how to synchronize … thunderbird … with your nokia … and the other way round?”

A perfectly valid question, especially since both Nokia and Thunderbird have been around quite some time now – you would’ve thought that this is a solved problem.

However, I think the correct answer to that this question is, no, nobody does. And if they do then I would very much like to know about it.

The old Thunderbird addon doesn’t work anymore, and hasn’t for a while.

There’s two beta-stage projects which might one day help, but look almost abandoned to be honest:

(GPlus is actually based on Gnokii, it just has the same half-finished feel to it. (I am being totally unfair here – a lot of hard work has obviously gone into these projects, and they don’t deserve to be dismissed out of hand; they just didn’t work for me and the amount of time I’ve spent playing with stuff that also doesn’t work has caused me to be nasty (fuckers).))

I’ve tried them, they don’t work (at least not with my phone, a 6300). Ditto MobileMaster. Ditto Intellisync. It’s tragic. Is this really such a hard thing to solve?

Oh well.

[… a little later on…]

I wrote this post a few days ago – since then, I’ve installed the Ovi Suite. And fuck me sideways, they’ve finally done it — what they should’ve done five years ago — a group of programs for managing your mobile that doesn’t need three services running and five processes starting up when you login. Clap, clap, Nokia!

Horrible as it is that they’ve taken this long to come up with this, it is a good set of programs, and I have recently experienced my first proper Sync. Maybe I’ll write more about it later – especially the weird as Wyrd 3D desktop thing that comes with it.

(Not that, of course, it syncs with Thunderbird: but it did with GroupWise, and GroupWise can export something which Thunderbird can import – so… well it’s a start.)

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