Why I still use vim

2014-05-05 Mon – 10:25:05

I was trying to explain to a friend why I still prefer using vim (with bash + screen) over something like Sublime or PHP Storm or whatever. Here’s my response:

    If I told you, there’s this amazing knork thing that’s just been invented, it’s a knife combined with a fork! And it’s got a USB cable that lets you tell the temperature of whatever you’re eating. And a camera! And an mp3 player so you can never be without music while you eat.

    Would you want to upgrade your eating experience from knife + fork so you’re “up to date”? Or does the knife and fork do the job perfectly adequately and you have absolutely no need for anything else?

    You would probably stick with the knife + fork. It’s a proven design, works well for the job, you’re very familiar with it, and there are knives + forks everywhere so you can rely on it being pretty much the same experience every time you use it.

That’s why I still use vim.

Update: I prefer PhpStorm now.

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