Warhammer Online “Authentication Failed” solution

2008-09-30 Tue – 16:39:09

I’ve been having trouble logging on to Warhammer Online, and by the looks of it I’m not the only one – seems that there’s hundreds of people out there frustrated by an error saying “Authentication Failed” when trying to start the game.

Thanks to a “rizzo” on a weblog I came across, though, it seems that the issue might be solvable – apparently you need to make sure that your machine has the ports 1380, 8046, and 10622 open – so have a look at your firewall setup and see if that might be the problem.

Thanks, rizzo!


There’s a few other things, too:

  • run warpatch.exe (see this FAQ for more)
  • possibly open port 4574 (see this FAQ for more)

I’ve just run warpatch.exe and have apparently have 815MB to download. Ye gods.

Update #2

Well, looks like that was the issue: just needed to run warpatch.exe. Which admittedly isn’t exactly the obvious solution; but it worked. (I even got a response to a mail I sent about something entirely unrelated this weekend, saying to run warpatch.exe, heh). I’ve just had a nice four hour intro to the game, and, well, I’m pretty happy I’ll have something to do for a while yet. Hooray!

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  2. Thanks man. I had the authentication error. All I needed to do was run warpatch.exe but I added the ports anyway.

    I hate that sick feeling you get when an error pops us. I think its anxiety haha.

    By Britzy on Feb 2, 2012

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