#ODP Chat Guidelines

In order to facilitate socialising and discussions amongst editors, there is a chatroom whose directions are located in this forum thread.

There are some simple rules with regard to that chat room. Please follow them, or risk removal and permanent banning.

Remember that DMOZ is a multicultural community where people from a wide variety of cultural and social backgrounds co-exist together. This, plus the fact that we lose a lot of our meaning when communicating by text, means that it is especially careful to ensure that all your communications are civil and polite.

The rules include:

Since all communications are editor-to-editor, it follows that the principles of the ODP Guidelines on communications applies at all times, and that editor privacy is expected at all times - disclosing of contents to non-editors is expressly forbidden.

We live in a multicultural background, and at any one time people from different countries and cultural backgrounds are likely to be present. In order to ensure that we can co-exist harmoniously, it is clear that we all need to show restraint in communications. It is your responsibility to ensure what you say is polite and civil to all.

This means that swearing and racial/ethnic slurs are unwelcome here. They may be welcome in other chatrooms, but not in this one.

Also, since we rely on the identity of other editors a lot in order to work out what we can discuss to them, as well as what editing background etc. someone has (which is useful when discussing stuff) please note that you must not impersonate other editors. You are expected moreover to use a nickname that we can link to your editorship. You may be challenged to give your full editor name, and failure to do so may result in preemptive removal.

Oh, and some of the usual rules of IRC apply:

Failure to adhere to these rules will result in your removal/banning.

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