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I'm a closet Opera evangelist. Here are some things you might find useful:

Warning: this is slightly out of date. A lot of stuff can be done directly from within Opera now rather than editing .ini files. There's still some useful stuff here though.

Hotbar Panels (aka "Sidepanels" aka "Sidebars" aka "Hotbars" aka just "panels")

ODP Panels - part of some other Dmoz stuff
  • Basic search (really basic)
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  • Advanced Search (modeled on Dmoz's own)
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  • For ODP Editors (OK so I spent a little too long on the colours here)
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    Other sidebars
  • Hotbar panel for slovnik.cz (one of the best English <-> Czech online dictionaries)
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  • Google advanced search hotbar (or, as I like to call it, "Goo++")
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  • Site info hotbar (for when you're curious about a site you're viewing...)
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    .ini files

    • addition of a "load page in..." menu with options to load the current page in IE, Mozilla 1.4, Firebird, Netscape 7.1 and 4.07, Opera 6 (it's easy to add more)
    • addition of a "swap servers" - goes to a simple php script which bounces between development servers and production servers based on the current URL (http://pgl.yoyo.org/opera/swap-servers.phps for source
    • removed potentially dangerous and sometimes frustrating "close all" options from right click
    • maximize frame and view source options made top options on page right click menu
    • "Reload image" option added to image right click menu

    Useful Sites

    Opera Support - http://www.opera.com/support/
    The first place to start looking if you've got any questions about Opera
    Opera Changelogs - http://www.opera.com/docs/changelogs/
    Detailed lists of all changes for each build released, including some betas
    Christen Harmannsen's sidebars - http://chermansen.com/sidebars/
    Includes panels for Google and Webmaster reference
    Phil Burns Software - http://www.philburns.com/
    Contains details of Phil's Opera tools (QuickShow, Opera Customizer & Profile Maker, bookmarklets, and OpConfig for Opera 6) plus bookmarklets, forums, and links
    Die Inoffizielle Opera Fansite - http://www.opera-fansite.de/
    In German, but contains some good stuff under tools and CSS skins (also try translating with Google)
    Opera Browser Wiki - http://operawiki.info/
    The definitive place to find everything about Opera
    my.opera.com - http://my.opera.com/
    Previously a bit naff, now a great site with lots of features (still a bit disjointed somehow?)
    TTT - http://homepage.hispeed.ch/ttt-opera/
    Custom buttons and skins for Opera using the latest developments and functionality