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blocklist last updated: Sun, 05 May 2024 19:21:23 GMT
listing ad servers added after: Fri, 06 Jun 2003 00:00:00
format list is displayed in: rpz -- for use as an RPZ file with BIND
total entries: 3726 / 3726

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; The usual definitions and SOA record are still necessary
$TTL 300
@            IN    SOA  localhost. root.localhost.  (
                          1714936883   ; serial - last updated
                          3H  ; refresh
                          1H  ; retry
                          1W  ; expiry
                          1H) ; minimum
                  IN    NS    localhost.

; Block list for use with BIND in RPZ format.
; Last modified: Sun, 05 May 2024 19:21:23 GMT
; Homepage:      https://pgl.yoyo.org/adservers/
; Format:        rpz
; Entries:       3726
; Credits:       Peter Lowe - pgl@yoyo.org - https://pgl.yoyo.org/; Charles Mercadal for the format suggestion and help
; This URL:      https://pgl.yoyo.org/adservers/serverlist.php?hostformat=rpz
; Policy:        https://pgl.yoyo.org/adservers/policy.php
; Other formats: https://pgl.yoyo.org/adservers/formats.php

*.1-1ads.com A
1-1ads.com A
*.101com.com A
101com.com A
*.101order.com A
101order.com A
*.180hits.de A
180hits.de A
*.180searchassistant.com A
180searchassistant.com A
*.1link2020.com A
1link2020.com A
*.1rx.io A
1rx.io A
*.207.net A
207.net A
*.247media.com A
247media.com A
*.24log.com A
24log.com A
*.24pm-affiliation.com A
24pm-affiliation.com A
*.2mdn.net A
2mdn.net A
*.2o7.net A
2o7.net A
*.2znp09oa.com A
2znp09oa.com A
*.30ads.com A
30ads.com A
*.3337723.com A
3337723.com A
*.33across.com A
33across.com A
*.360yield.com A
360yield.com A
*.3lift.com A
3lift.com A
*.3o9s.short.gy A
3o9s.short.gy A
*.4d5.net A
4d5.net A
*.4info.com A
4info.com A
*.4jnzhl0d0.com A
4jnzhl0d0.com A
*.50websads.com A
50websads.com A
*.518ad.com A
518ad.com A
*.5mcwl.pw A
5mcwl.pw A
*.6ldu6qa.com A
6ldu6qa.com A
*.6sc.co A
6sc.co A
*.777partner.com A
777partner.com A
*.77tracking.com A
77tracking.com A
*.7bpeople.com A
7bpeople.com A
*.7cnq.net A
7cnq.net A
*.7search.com A
7search.com A
*.82o9v830.com A
82o9v830.com A
*.a-ads.com A
a-ads.com A
*.a.mktw.net A
a.mktw.net A
*.a.muloqot.uz A
a.muloqot.uz A
*.a.sakh.com A
a.sakh.com A
*.a.ucoz.net A
a.ucoz.net A
*.a.ucoz.ru A
a.ucoz.ru A
*.a.vartoken.com A
a.vartoken.com A
*.a.vfghd.com A
a.vfghd.com A
*.a.vfgtb.com A
a.vfgtb.com A
*.a.xanga.com A
a.xanga.com A
*.a135.wftv.com A
a135.wftv.com A
*.a5.overclockers.ua A
a5.overclockers.ua A
*.aa-metrics.beauty.hotpepper.jp A
aa-metrics.beauty.hotpepper.jp A
*.aa-metrics.recruit-card.jp A
aa-metrics.recruit-card.jp A
*.aa-metrics.trip-ai.jp A
aa-metrics.trip-ai.jp A
*.aaddzz.com A
aaddzz.com A
*.aax-eu-dub.amazon.com A
aax-eu-dub.amazon.com A
*.aaxads.com A
aaxads.com A
*.abacho.net A
abacho.net A
*.abackafterthought.com A
abackafterthought.com A
*.abackchain.com A
abackchain.com A
*.abandonedaction.com A
abandonedaction.com A
*.abc-ads.com A
abc-ads.com A
*.ablink.comms.trainline.com A
ablink.comms.trainline.com A
*.ablink.news.emails-puregym.com A
ablink.news.emails-puregym.com A
*.ablinks.mail.hinge.co A
ablinks.mail.hinge.co A
*.aboardlevel.com A
aboardlevel.com A
*.abruptroad.com A
abruptroad.com A
*.absentstream.com A
absentstream.com A
*.absorbingband.com A
absorbingband.com A
*.absorbingcorn.com A
absorbingcorn.com A
*.abstractedauthority.com A
abstractedauthority.com A
*.absurdwater.com A
absurdwater.com A
*.abtasty.com A
abtasty.com A
*.ac.rnm.ca A
ac.rnm.ca A
*.acemlnb.com A
acemlnb.com A
*.acid-adserver.click A
acid-adserver.click A
*.acridtwist.com A
acridtwist.com A
*.actionsplash.com A
actionsplash.com A
*.actonsoftware.com A
actonsoftware.com A
*.actualdeals.com A
actualdeals.com A
*.actuallysheep.com A
actuallysheep.com A
*.actuallysnake.com A
actuallysnake.com A
*.actuallything.com A
actuallything.com A
*.acuityads.com A
acuityads.com A
*.acuityplatform.com A
acuityplatform.com A
*.ad-balancer.at A
ad-balancer.at A
*.ad-balancer.net A
ad-balancer.net A
*.ad-cupid.com A
ad-cupid.com A
*.ad-delivery.net A
ad-delivery.net A
*.ad-pay.de A
ad-pay.de A
*.ad-rotator.com A
ad-rotator.com A
*.ad-score.com A
ad-score.com A
*.ad-server.gulasidorna.se A
ad-server.gulasidorna.se A
*.ad-space.net A
ad-space.net A
*.ad-up.com A
ad-up.com A
*.ad.71i.de A
ad.71i.de A
*.ad.a8.net A
ad.a8.net A
*.ad.abcnews.com A
ad.abcnews.com A
*.ad.abctv.com A
ad.abctv.com A
*.ad.aboutwebservices.com A
ad.aboutwebservices.com A
*.ad.abum.com A
ad.abum.com A
*.ad.admitad.com A
ad.admitad.com A
*.ad.allboxing.ru A
ad.allboxing.ru A
*.ad.altervista.org A
ad.altervista.org A
*.ad.amgdgt.com A
ad.amgdgt.com A
*.ad.anuntis.com A
ad.anuntis.com A
*.ad.auditude.com A
ad.auditude.com A
*.ad.bitmedia.io A
ad.bitmedia.io A
*.ad.bizo.com A
ad.bizo.com A
*.ad.bondage.com A
ad.bondage.com A
*.ad.centrum.cz A
ad.centrum.cz A
*.ad.cgi.cz A
ad.cgi.cz A
*.ad.choiceradio.com A
ad.choiceradio.com A
*.ad.cooks.com A
ad.cooks.com A
*.ad.digitallook.com A
ad.digitallook.com A
*.ad.dnoticias.pt A
ad.dnoticias.pt A
*.ad.domainfactory.de A
ad.domainfactory.de A
*.ad.exyws.org A
ad.exyws.org A
*.ad.foxnetworks.com A
ad.foxnetworks.com A
*.ad.grafika.cz A
ad.grafika.cz A
*.ad.gt A
ad.gt A
*.ad.hbv.de A
ad.hbv.de A
*.ad.hodomobile.com A
ad.hodomobile.com A
*.ad.hyena.cz A
ad.hyena.cz A
*.ad.iinfo.cz A
ad.iinfo.cz A
*.ad.infoseek.com A
ad.infoseek.com A
*.ad.intl.xiaomi.com A
ad.intl.xiaomi.com A
*.ad.jacotei.com.br A
ad.jacotei.com.br A
*.ad.jetsoftware.com A
ad.jetsoftware.com A
*.ad.keenspace.com A
ad.keenspace.com A
*.ad.lgappstv.com A
ad.lgappstv.com A
*.ad.liveinternet.ru A
ad.liveinternet.ru A
*.ad.lupa.cz A
ad.lupa.cz A
*.ad.mediastorm.hu A
ad.mediastorm.hu A
*.ad.mg A
ad.mg A
*.ad.musicmatch.com A
ad.musicmatch.com A
*.ad.myapple.pl A
ad.myapple.pl A
*.ad.mynetreklam.com.streamprovider.net A
ad.mynetreklam.com.streamprovider.net A
*.ad.nachtagenten.de A
ad.nachtagenten.de A
*.ad.nettvservices.com A
ad.nettvservices.com A
*.ad.nttnavi.co.jp A
ad.nttnavi.co.jp A
*.ad.nwt.cz A
ad.nwt.cz A
*.ad.period-calendar.com A
ad.period-calendar.com A
*.ad.profiwin.de A
ad.profiwin.de A
*.ad.prv.pl A
ad.prv.pl A
*.ad.reachlocal.com A
ad.reachlocal.com A
*.ad.simflight.com A
ad.simflight.com A
*.ad.simgames.net A
ad.simgames.net A
*.ad.style A
ad.style A
*.ad.tapthislink.com A
ad.tapthislink.com A
*.ad.technoratimedia.com A
ad.technoratimedia.com A
*.ad.tv2.no A
ad.tv2.no A
*.ad.universcine.com A
ad.universcine.com A
*.ad.usatoday.com A
ad.usatoday.com A
*.ad.virtual-nights.com A
ad.virtual-nights.com A
*.ad.wavu.hu A
ad.wavu.hu A
*.ad.weatherbug.com A
ad.weatherbug.com A
*.ad.wsod.com A
ad.wsod.com A
*.ad.wz.cz A
ad.wz.cz A
*.ad.xiaomi.com A
ad.xiaomi.com A
*.ad.xmovies8.si A
ad.xmovies8.si A
*.ad.xrea.com A
ad.xrea.com A
*.ad.ztylez.com A
ad.ztylez.com A
*.ad0.bigmir.net A
ad0.bigmir.net A
*.ad01.mediacorpsingapore.com A
ad01.mediacorpsingapore.com A
*.ad1.emule-project.org A
ad1.emule-project.org A
*.ad1.kde.cz A
ad1.kde.cz A
*.ad2.iinfo.cz A
ad2.iinfo.cz A
*.ad2.lupa.cz A
ad2.lupa.cz A
*.ad2.netriota.hu A
ad2.netriota.hu A
*.ad2.nmm.de A
ad2.nmm.de A
*.ad2.xrea.com A
ad2.xrea.com A
*.ad3.iinfo.cz A
ad3.iinfo.cz A
*.ad3.xrea.com A
ad3.xrea.com A
*.ad4game.com A
ad4game.com A
*.ad4mat.com A
ad4mat.com A
*.ad4mat.de A
ad4mat.de A
*.ad4mat.net A
ad4mat.net A
*.adabra.com A
adabra.com A
*.adaction.de A
adaction.de A
*.adadvisor.net A
adadvisor.net A
*.adalliance.io A
adalliance.io A
*.adanging.blog A
adanging.blog A
*.adap.tv A
adap.tv A
*.adapt.tv A
adapt.tv A
*.adaranth.com A
adaranth.com A
*.adbilty.me A
adbilty.me A
*.adblade.com A
adblade.com A
*.adblade.org A
adblade.org A
*.adblockanalytics.com A
adblockanalytics.com A
*.adbooth.net A
adbooth.net A
*.adbot.com A
adbot.com A
*.adbrite.com A
adbrite.com A
*.adbroker.de A
adbroker.de A
*.adbunker.com A
adbunker.com A
*.adbutler.com A
adbutler.com A
*.adbuyer.com A
adbuyer.com A
*.adbuyer3.lycos.com A
adbuyer3.lycos.com A
*.adcampo.com A
adcampo.com A
*.adcannyads.com A
adcannyads.com A
*.adcash.com A
adcash.com A
*.adcast.deviantart.com A
adcast.deviantart.com A
*.adcel.co A
adcel.co A
*.adcell.de A
adcell.de A
*.adcenter.net A
adcenter.net A
*.adclick.com A
adclick.com A
*.adclient1.tucows.com A
adclient1.tucows.com A
*.adclixx.net A
adclixx.net A
*.adcolony.com A
adcolony.com A
*.adcomplete.com A
adcomplete.com A
*.adconion.com A
adconion.com A
*.adcontent.gamespy.com A
adcontent.gamespy.com A
*.adcovery.com A
adcovery.com A
*.adcycle.com A
adcycle.com A
*.add.newmedia.cz A
add.newmedia.cz A
*.addfreestats.com A
addfreestats.com A
*.addme.com A
addme.com A
*.adecn.com A
adecn.com A
*.adeimptrck.com A
adeimptrck.com A
*.ademails.com A
ademails.com A
*.adengage.com A
adengage.com A
*.adetracking.com A
adetracking.com A
*.adeure.com A
adeure.com A
*.adexc.net A
adexc.net A
*.adexchangegate.com A
adexchangegate.com A
*.adexchangeprediction.com A
adexchangeprediction.com A
*.adexpose.com A
adexpose.com A
*.adext.inkclub.com A
adext.inkclub.com A
*.adf.ly A
adf.ly A
*.adfeed.marchex.com A
adfeed.marchex.com A
*.adflight.com A
adflight.com A
*.adforce.com A
adforce.com A
*.adform.com A
adform.com A
*.adform.net A
adform.net A
*.adformdsp.net A
adformdsp.net A
*.adgardener.com A
adgardener.com A
*.adhaven.com A
adhaven.com A
*.adhese.be A
adhese.be A
*.adhese.com A
adhese.com A
*.adhigh.net A
adhigh.net A
*.adhoc4.net A
adhoc4.net A
*.adhunter.media A
adhunter.media A
*.adimage.guardian.co.uk A
adimage.guardian.co.uk A
*.adimages.been.com A
adimages.been.com A
*.adimages.carsoup.com A
adimages.carsoup.com A
*.adimages.go.com A
adimages.go.com A
*.adimages.homestore.com A
adimages.homestore.com A
*.adimages.omroepzeeland.nl A
adimages.omroepzeeland.nl A
*.adimages.sanomawsoy.fi A
adimages.sanomawsoy.fi A
*.adimg.com.com A
adimg.com.com A
*.adimg.uimserv.net A
adimg.uimserv.net A
*.adimg1.chosun.com A
adimg1.chosun.com A
*.adimgs.sapo.pt A
adimgs.sapo.pt A
*.adingo.jp A
adingo.jp A
*.adinjector.net A
adinjector.net A
*.adinterax.com A
adinterax.com A
*.adisfy.com A
adisfy.com A
*.adition.com A
adition.com A
*.adition.de A
adition.de A
*.adition.net A
adition.net A
*.adizio.com A
adizio.com A
*.adjix.com A
adjix.com A
*.adjug.com A
adjug.com A
*.adjuggler.com A
adjuggler.com A
*.adjuggler.yourdictionary.com A
adjuggler.yourdictionary.com A
*.adjust.com A
adjust.com A
*.adjustnetwork.com A
adjustnetwork.com A
*.adk2.co A
adk2.co A
*.adk2.com A
adk2.com A
*.adland.ru A
adland.ru A
*.adlegend.com A
adlegend.com A
*.adlightning.com A
adlightning.com A
*.adlog.com.com A
adlog.com.com A
*.adloox.com A
adloox.com A
*.adlooxtracking.com A
adlooxtracking.com A
*.adlure.net A
adlure.net A
*.adm.fwmrm.net A
adm.fwmrm.net A
*.admagnet.net A
admagnet.net A
*.admailtiser.com A
admailtiser.com A
*.adman.gr A
adman.gr A
*.adman.otenet.gr A
adman.otenet.gr A
*.admanagement.ch A
admanagement.ch A
*.admanager.btopenworld.com A
admanager.btopenworld.com A
*.admanager.carsoup.com A
admanager.carsoup.com A
*.admanmedia.com A
admanmedia.com A
*.admantx.com A
admantx.com A
*.admarketplace.net A
admarketplace.net A
*.admarvel.com A
admarvel.com A
*.admaster.com.cn A
admaster.com.cn A
*.admatchly.com A
admatchly.com A
*.admedia.com A
admedia.com A
*.admeld.com A
admeld.com A
*.admeridianads.com A
admeridianads.com A
*.admex.com A
admex.com A
*.admidadsp.com A
admidadsp.com A
*.adminder.com A
adminder.com A
*.adminshop.com A
adminshop.com A
*.admix.in A
admix.in A
*.admixer.net A
admixer.net A
*.admized.com A
admized.com A
*.admob.com A
admob.com A
*.admonitor.com A
admonitor.com A
*.adn.lrb.co.uk A
adn.lrb.co.uk A
*.adnami.io A
adnami.io A
*.adnet.asahi.com A
adnet.asahi.com A
*.adnet.biz A
adnet.biz A
*.adnet.de A
adnet.de A
*.adnet.ru A
adnet.ru A
*.adnetasia.com A
adnetasia.com A
*.adnetwork.net A
adnetwork.net A
*.adnetworkperformance.com A
adnetworkperformance.com A
*.adnews.maddog2000.de A
adnews.maddog2000.de A
*.adnium.com A
adnium.com A
*.adnxs-simple.com A
adnxs-simple.com A
*.adnxs.com A
adnxs.com A
*.adocean.pl A
adocean.pl A
*.adonspot.com A
adonspot.com A
*.adoptum.net A
adoptum.net A
*.adoric-om.com A
adoric-om.com A
*.adorigin.com A
adorigin.com A
*.adotmob.com A
adotmob.com A
*.adpepper.dk A
adpepper.dk A
*.adpepper.nl A
adpepper.nl A
*.adperium.com A
adperium.com A
*.adpia.vn A
adpia.vn A
*.adplus.co.id A
adplus.co.id A
*.adplxmd.com A
adplxmd.com A
*.adprofits.ru A
adprofits.ru A
*.adpushup.com A
adpushup.com A
*.adrazzi.com A
adrazzi.com A
*.adreactor.com A
adreactor.com A
*.adreclaim.com A
adreclaim.com A
*.adrecover.com A
adrecover.com A
*.adrecreate.com A
adrecreate.com A
*.adremedy.com A
adremedy.com A
*.adreporting.com A
adreporting.com A
*.adrevolver.com A
adrevolver.com A
*.adriver.ru A
adriver.ru A
*.adrolays.de A
adrolays.de A
*.adrotate.de A
adrotate.de A
*.adrotic.girlonthenet.com A
adrotic.girlonthenet.com A
*.adrta.com A
adrta.com A
*.ads-backend.chaincliq.com A
ads-backend.chaincliq.com A
*.ads-bilek.com A
ads-bilek.com A
*.ads-click.com A
ads-click.com A
*.ads-dev.pinterest.com A
ads-dev.pinterest.com A
*.ads-game-187f4.firebaseapp.com A
ads-game-187f4.firebaseapp.com A
*.ads-kesselhaus.com A
ads-kesselhaus.com A
*.ads-trk.vidible.tv A
ads-trk.vidible.tv A
*.ads-twitter.com A
ads-twitter.com A
*.ads.365.mk A
ads.365.mk A
*.ads.4tube.com A
ads.4tube.com A
*.ads.5ci.lt A
ads.5ci.lt A
*.ads.73dpi.com A
ads.73dpi.com A
*.ads.a-snag-smartmoney.fyi A
ads.a-snag-smartmoney.fyi A
*.ads.aavv.com A
ads.aavv.com A
*.ads.abovetopsecret.com A
ads.abovetopsecret.com A
*.ads.aceweb.net A
ads.aceweb.net A
*.ads.acpc.cat A
ads.acpc.cat A
*.ads.acrosspf.com A
ads.acrosspf.com A
*.ads.activestate.com A
ads.activestate.com A
*.ads.adfox.ru A
ads.adfox.ru A
*.ads.administrator.de A
ads.administrator.de A
*.ads.adred.de A
ads.adred.de A
*.ads.adsbtc.fun A
ads.adsbtc.fun A
*.ads.adstream.com.ro A
ads.adstream.com.ro A
*.ads.adultfriendfinder.com A
ads.adultfriendfinder.com A
*.ads.advance.net A
ads.advance.net A
*.ads.adverline.com A
ads.adverline.com A
*.ads.affiliates.match.com A
ads.affiliates.match.com A
*.ads.alive.com A
ads.alive.com A
*.ads.alt.com A
ads.alt.com A
*.ads.amdmb.com A
ads.amdmb.com A
*.ads.amigos.com A
ads.amigos.com A
*.ads.annabac.com A
ads.annabac.com A
*.ads.apn.co.nz A
ads.apn.co.nz A
*.ads.appsgeyser.com A
ads.appsgeyser.com A
*.ads.as4x.tmcs.net A
ads.as4x.tmcs.net A
*.ads.as4x.tmcs.ticketmaster.com A
ads.as4x.tmcs.ticketmaster.com A
*.ads.asiafriendfinder.com A
ads.asiafriendfinder.com A
*.ads.aspalliance.com A
ads.aspalliance.com A
*.ads.avazu.net A
ads.avazu.net A
*.ads.bb59.ru A
ads.bb59.ru A
*.ads.belointeractive.com A
ads.belointeractive.com A
*.ads.betfair.com A
ads.betfair.com A
*.ads.bigchurch.com A
ads.bigchurch.com A
*.ads.bigfoot.com A
ads.bigfoot.com A
*.ads.bing.com A
ads.bing.com A
*.ads.bittorrent.com A
ads.bittorrent.com A
*.ads.blog.com A
ads.blog.com A
*.ads.bluemountain.com A
ads.bluemountain.com A
*.ads.boerding.com A
ads.boerding.com A
*.ads.boylesports.com A
ads.boylesports.com A
*.ads.brabys.com A
ads.brabys.com A
*.ads.brazzers.com A
ads.brazzers.com A
*.ads.bumq.com A
ads.bumq.com A
*.ads.canalblog.com A
ads.canalblog.com A
*.ads.casinocity.com A
ads.casinocity.com A
*.ads.casumoaffiliates.com A
ads.casumoaffiliates.com A
*.ads.cbc.ca A
ads.cbc.ca A
*.ads.cc A
ads.cc A
*.ads.cc-dt.com A
ads.cc-dt.com A
*.ads.centraliprom.com A
ads.centraliprom.com A
*.ads.channel4.com A
ads.channel4.com A
*.ads.cheabit.com A
ads.cheabit.com A
*.ads.citymagazine.si A
ads.citymagazine.si A
*.ads.clasificadox.com A
ads.clasificadox.com A
*.ads.co.com A
ads.co.com A
*.ads.colombiaonline.com A
ads.colombiaonline.com A
*.ads.com.com A
ads.com.com A
*.ads.comeon.com A
ads.comeon.com A
*.ads.contactmusic.com A
ads.contactmusic.com A
*.ads.creative-serving.com A
ads.creative-serving.com A
*.ads.cybersales.cz A
ads.cybersales.cz A
*.ads.dada.it A
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