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Using the form below, you can create a zone file for use with the BIND DNS server. It's pretty basic, but it allows you to import an existing hosts file as the list of A records set up. This is useful for things like ad blocking, as it is much more efficient than distributing hosts files around a network.


Basic data: Domain name Admin email 1
  eg, example.com eg, hostmaster@example.com
DNS servers: 2 Primary Secondary
  eg, ns1.example.net eg, ns2.example.net
Mail servers: 3 Primary Backup
  eg, mail.example.com eg, mail-spool.example.com
Time periods:4 Refresh Retry
  Expire Min TTL
Now either upload a hosts file (max 5 MB):
... or paste the contents into the field below ⇓
1 Required for the Start Of Authority record
2 Whilst only one DNS server is required, it's highly recommended to set up a secondary server
3 The mail servers are responsible for all mail for your domain. Not specifying at least one causes mail to be sent to individual hosts.
4 Optional values in seconds; it's safe to ignore these if you want to.