wowmods: updates – user registration, favourites, more!

2008-12-07 Sun – 09:33:12


and good day to you. I am writing this to let you know about a site I made. It’s actually been around for a while, but hasn’t changed much from its original (very much lacking) state after I stopped playing WoW nearly a year ago. Now that started playing again, I’ve finally gotten round to updating the website with some bits that I hope other people might find useful.

(This is actually a repost of the note I put up in the WoWAce forums – apologies for the duplication!)

It was originally written so I didn’t have to check three places whenever I was trying to find an addon, or check for updates.

You can see it here:

Here’s a quick overview:

  • lists updates to addons hosted on Curse, WoWInterface, and (*spit*)
  • updates available for previous hour, day, or three days
  • allows filtering by site
  • allows advanced filtering using Perlish regular expressions
  • supports favourites lists (for registered users)
  • can be accessed via an RSS feed (which should show the same list as set after configuring any filtering)
  • searchable database (8809 addons across all the sites so far) (I find this really useful when I can’t remember where I saw an addon)
  • can be added as a Google Gadget to an iGoogle homepage
  • can be added as a Google Subscribed Link
  • supportsOpenSearch (at least, it should do!)
  • includes detailed information for each addon
  • where able, shows: links to sites able to be associated with the addon + changelogs + descriptions + details + update history + version numbers
  • easy-to-use/remember URLs? (nobody else is going to care about this, are they, heh :)

Here’s some links in addition to the main page, if anyone’s interested in having a look:

(Aside: just noticed ui.w are back to wowui.w – wtf? Another name change? Pff.)

It’s not finished; there’s lots more to do. But, now that there’s finally favourites lists, I figured it might actually be useful for other people as well as me. :)

Any and all comments, criticisms, suggestions, and / or other similar communications, thoughts, opinions, and missives related, indirectly connected, or even nothing to do with the site are of course happily encouraged, welcome, desired, positively lusted over, and will find a soft warm home in my brain where they can relax with buttery toast and a nice cold alcoholic or non-alcoholic beverage of choice and the fine company amongst peers and friends.


– pgl / Fin

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