your random google search query is:

you've been redirected there right now, so wait for your browser.

doesn't go with your hair? try again, view the results of another random query in a new window, or try with three, four, five or six search terms (not that the search will actually return anything. but if you're bored or something. I mean, as bored as I was when I wrote this). (apparently it is now a "fun game" to search for strange things. see below.)

and hey, the fun doesn't stop there: check out some of the things people have been searching for and ended up on this page (or the words list):

on the subject of weird searches, there's an interesting (?) thread on the crackmonkey mailing list.

... and lo, the practise was dubbed... Googlewhacking.

... and then the whole thing got really silly

[ later... ] hey! wow! I just found out about a load more pages like this. how odd.

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