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The license for using Scintilla or SciTE is similar to that of Python containing very few restrictions.

Release 1.70

Source Code

The source code package contains all of the source code for Scintilla and SciTE but no binary executable code and is available in Instructions for building on both Windows and Linux are included in the readme file.


Windows Executables

A full download (710K) includes the SciTE executable, any required DLLs, configuration files and documentation. After downloading the file, unzip it, and run SciTE.EXE. The files required to run SciTE are SciTE.EXE, SciLexer.DLL, and and these are best located in one directory on the path.

A single file executable called Sc1 (440K) does not need any DLL or properties files as these are linked into the executable. You may still create properties files if you wish. Sc1.exe has been compressed with the UPX compressor so that it is a fast download. It does not need to be decompressed to be used.

Windows Installers

An installer that includes extensions contributed by Bruce Dodson.

An installer for SciTE on Windows that includes several languages. Part of the GNUWin project.

A distribution based on SciTE CVS snapshots which includes C++, Perl, PHP, Java and nncron APIs. Syntax highlighting for Perl, PHP and C++ differs from the original distribution and there are other cosmetic changes. Contributed by Serge Baranov.

GTK+ / Linux

Linux executable for Intel compatible processors

This binary release requires GTK+ 2.8 or later and was tested on Fedora Core 5. If you are using a Linux distribution more than a year old you probably need to install GTK+ 2.8 or rebuild SciTE to use your existing version of GTK+.

A full download (680K) includes the SciTE executable, configuration files and documentation. After downloading the file, gunzip and untar it, and run SciTE. The files required to run SciTE are SciTE which is best located on the path (I put it in /usr/local/bin) 40 properties files which should be located in the /usr/share/scite directory, and Sci48M.png which should be copied to /usr/share/pixmaps.

Debian Packages

Official Debian Packages are available from Apt. There is a package page.

Contributed by Aubin Paul.

Linux RPMs

Available from this site or from the SourceForge Scintilla project files.

Contributions by Tony Puglisi, Victor Soroka, Eran Man.

SciTE localised for other languages

SciTE can be and has been translated into other languages.

Previous versions can be downloaded from the history page.