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This is an alternative interface to the Lua reference manual that allows you to easily access various parts of it without having to load the whole file into your browser. You can search for manual section or subsection by name or ID, function name, or partial keyword. It's a little buggy, but I use it all the time myself because it's so much more convenient than keeping one huge file open all the time.

I hope you find it useful.

You can easily jump directly to various parts of the manual by using the search below, or just adding whatever you're looking for to the end of this URL:

eg, to view section 2.1 ("Lexical Conventions"), you can go to the URL:

You can also use function names, section names, and partial words to search the manual:

Links at the bottom of every page go to related bits:

? - takes you to this page
- lists all sections
@ - current section on the official site


This is all imported from the HTML version of the Lua 5.1 reference manual, which you can find here along with its errata:

There's also lots of great stuff at

Other versions of the manual, including PDF and Windows help file (CHM) formats, can be found under the "Documentation" section of the LuaAddons page on the wiki:

There is also a hack that parses the Lua manual and extracts sections for you that runs as a command line script:

Comments about this site are more than welcome; feel free to use the address below.


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[Fri Nov 12 13:38:39 GMT 2010]

  • Refreshed the documents with the latest copy of manual.html from

[Fri Feb 29 15:27:40 GMT 2008]

  • Words containing strings which match function names should now no longer be linked, d'oh

[Fri Feb 29 15:08:47 GMT 2008]

  • Started noting changes

  • Simple plurals will now search for singulars (eg, searching for "strings" will find "String Manipulation" even though there's no s at the end of String there)

  • Function names are now internally linked

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