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Ad server hostname list - which hostnames are included and why
Hostnames included in the list are:
Types of servers that will be listed:
  • ad servers - servers dedicated to serving up ads (these make up the majority of entries)
  • malware servers - servers contacted by viruses, spyware, or other nasty things that routinely attack and/or hijack your computer and its resources
  • tracking servers - any server that is dedicated to recording user's actions
  • anti-adblock servers - servers dedicated to blocking adblock technologies
  • spam servers - occassionally I'll add a server that is causing a huge amount of spam, but very rarely
  • other nasty stuff - at my discretion, anything else that negatively impacts users
List integrity: hostname validation + delisting
  • hostnames are checked automatically every Friday at 12:00 for validity
  • entries that for some reason fail a DNS lookup are hidden from the list
  • entries that fail DNS lookups for 6 consecutive checks are removed from the list permanently
  • while I make every effort to ensure that all entries in the list meet the criteria detailed above, I am fallible: if I have made a mistake, please contact me:
  • If you have any questions, you can email me at

    Please note that I may take a long time to get back to you: occasionally it will be months; my personal life dictates how much time I can spend on this project, and while it's easy to keep the list maintained it's a lot more time-consuming to look into and respond appropriately to all the emails I get regarding the list. However, I will respond eventually (unless I'm fatally involved in a low flying helicopter accident, or something! (Or perhaps my mail gets deleted, or it gets filtered into my junk mail folder, or... well, there's a lot of reasons why I might not get back to you, now I come to think about it. But, the point is, since at least 2001 I don't think I've ever not replied to a mail about the list)).