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Ad Blocking Links
Listed below are sites related to blocking ads, spyware, stats, etc. Hope you find them useful. Please email any corrections and suggestions to Thanks. Don't forget: my main page on blocking advertisements is still there.

Link categories:

#1 // Information on a range of methods of blocking ads
Ad-blocking with Freesco without ruining the hosting page
Uses a modified version of thttpd in a ramdisk image for Freesco routers
Bad' IP addresses / Bob's Black List (BBL)
IP addresses and hostnames in various formats, with instructions
Blocking Browser Ads with BorderManager
Details of setting up IIS with an ASP script as the default page
Blogzilla - Ad Blocking
Details of various ways to block ads in Mozilla
Bust Banner Ads with Proxy Auto Configuration
Proxy PAC file for blocking ads
Como Bloquear Anúncios Publicitários na Web
Portugese site with information on several methods of blocking ads and related links
Hosts File Info
Links with comparisons and statistics to various lists available, plus tools, tutorials, and other nifty stuff
How To Block Ads (& Web Bugs) Without Extra Software
Instructions for updating a hosts file and configuring browsers to block ads
How to: Block ads with a router
An article by Paul Tow on blocking ads with Linksys WRT routers Elsa Routerkonfiguration
Tutorial in German on configuring Elsa routers to block ads
Mozilla: Ad Blocking
Details on blocking ads with Mozilla and Firefox
Opera browser: Blocking unwanted ads
Instructions on how to use Opera's built in filtering to block ads
Privacy-Security (UIUC)
Links, checklists, and information on protecting your privacy and security
Protecting your Privacy in Windows
Lists details on Various methods
Squid Blocking Files
Contains files for use with the Squid proxy along with information on configuring Squid
squidGuard - Blacklist
Large blacklist of domains, IP addresses, URLs, and expressions for use with Squid and other programs
The Ultimate Online Privacy Guide
A pretty comprehensive guide on lots of different aspects of online privacy
#2 // Other ad server lists (mostly hosts files)
" - Introduction à Hosts"
Information in French about the hosts file
Includes instructions and a list of ad servers as a hosts file
BIND-PE Ad-Server block list
Largish list of ad servers available in bind config format
Blocking Unwanted Parasites with a Hosts File
Includes details of how to write a Windows batch file for toggling between versions
Bust Banner Ads with Proxy Auto Configuration
Browser proxy autoconfiguration file for blocking ads
Gorilla Design Studio Presents: Using the Hosts File
Comprehensive site with lots of information as well as tools (also plugs a commercial product)
Hosts File Project
Nice site with lots of information and a downloadable hosts file for various platforms, plus tools
Hosts file updates
Old list and not maintained, but includes some useful information
hpHOSTS: hpguru's HOSTS file
Regularly updated hosts file for blocking adware / spyware / malware, by Mr. hpguru
Malware Prevention through black-hole DNS
Detailed description with the list available via CVS
Mike Skallas' Ad Blocking Hosts file
Includes an installer for Windows
PestPatrol: How To Black Ads and Access
Information on using the hosts file to block ads
Using a Hosts File To Make The Internet Not Suck (as much)
Hosts file as a web page (details are comments) - includes a Mac version
#3 // Tools
Ad Muncher
Shareware Win32 app that lets you block ads in various ways ($25 after 30 days as of 2006-11)
Ad Zapping with Squid
Instructions, tools, lists, explanations, pointers, resources: very comprehensive site
A free windows hosts file editor
A small DNS server that spoofs blacklisted addresses and forwards all other queries
The most popular DNS server in use on the Internet (Unixish operating systems only)
Windows version of BIND capable of supporting large a volume of traffic
Bluetack Internet Security Solutions
Great site with tools such as the Block List Manager, a converter, and a mini-firewall
Part of the CamiTools addon for the Camino web browser that offers ad blocking in various ways
Useful site with lots of tools, as well as information on hijacked IP addresses, invalid whois data, and more
PseudoDNS server that only serves localhost
DNS forwarder and DHCP server designed for small networks
Easy Web Filter
Nice PDF available for download along with a small, fast web server for running locally
An ad-blocker for the Mac
A freeware application that "lets you manage your Hosts file with ease"
General purpose proxy server for LANs that includes a local DNS server
A tiny web server that serves a 1x1 blank pixel for all requests
An open-source domain name server that runs on Windows, Unix, and Macs
Based on Internet Junkbuster (tm), a stand alone and multi-user proxy
Very flexible and powerful local proxy
Ray Marron's Hostess Page
Free utility for maintaining your hosts file
TreeWalk DNS for Windows 2000, Windows NT, and Server 2003
Excellent DNS server compatible with BIND zone files
#4 // Lists of Links
Sunbelt Spyware Research Center
Spyware information site from the makers of CounterSpy